Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The first day of fall?
...but I'm not ready for summer to be over yet!!!  
How could this possibly happen?

I've decided to just pretend that it is still summer---which is easy enough since it is sunny and hot outside this morning.  I watered, picked the garden and hung out laundry.  

Maybe summer is a state of mind!!!


  1. OOh, look at all that color!! Are all those luscious veggies from your garden?
    I am very ready for summer to be over and fall weather to arrive!! Maybe today is it. Much cooler after that storm we had last night.

  2. Your bounty is AMAZING! I do know what you mean about the summer however, I do love the fall! It is my favorited time of year. Take care.


  3. With all those wonderful garden beauties I can see why you are not ready for summer to end. Me...I am ready for cooler weather. Enjoy what warm time you have left and enjoy harvesting from your garden. Hugs

  4. I, too, am not ready for summer to be over but am ready for somewhat cooler temps. I am cleaning out my garden bed and getting it ready for the winter months.

  5. Well, I for one, am in a state of mourning. How could summer leave and not say goodbye? How could summer just take off like that and leave me hungry for more? How on earth will I adjust to not wearing flip flops for the next 8 months? The NERVE!


  6. Technically the calendar says the tomorrow is the first day of fall--so you still have summer now.
    I am soo ready for cooler temps.

    Great pics.


  7. It has been a hot Summer so I welcome Fall. I do feel the Summer was short and am hopeing winter will be Fall....well it can just flow on and on and on...!

  8. I miss seeing your smiling face! You never visit me anymore and I am sad! :( Your blog is looking terrific! Happy Sunday to you! Anne

  9. There is plenty of summer left down here, but I am having great fun sprinkling fall around my home. Toes will be in the sand this week, though, so still very much enjoying the summer!!

    Have a joyful Sunday!


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