Saturday, May 1, 2010

Knee Deep in Clover!!!

(In case you missed Thursday's post about future plans...I spent yesterday with dear, dear friends on their farm "in-the-middle-of-nowhere"!)

Knee deep in clover!! I've heard that expression all my life...I have finally found someone who is actually "knee deep in clover"! Dr. M, PhD welcomes me to their little corner of paradise. She's standing in a patch of clover that is to be next year's garden! Green manure you know!

I took over 400 pictures yesterday and so to make this easier for all of us I've decided to work within categories. On today's agenda will be animals. Old MacDonald had nothing compared to this farm!

After five miles down a sand road I arrive at "the middle of nowhere" just where they want to spend the rest of their lives. Have to say it's not a bad idea!

We must leave the comfort of the front porch swing to be introduced to the animals! In later posts we'll get around to seeing the garden, the creek, the river, the babies (animals) and a whole tutorial on making cheese and butter! But for today...Animals!!!

Prepare to be jealous, Old MacDonald!!!

...and on this farm they had a peacock..
No amount of begging from the pig could get the peacock
to spread his tail feathers...
...pigs (with character written all over their faces)
(I know, I know, too cute for words! We'll see more babies in later posts!)


...more horses... (not him, he's the Gentleman Farmer)
Dr. M, Phd. talking to the animals...

As an unabashed bird brain...I love all things chickens!



...turkeys...Hello Thanksgiving dinner!

Every self respecting farm needs a few good mousers!!

...and what good is a farm without a few dozen of these?

...And then, the bee skeps... bees and clover...I'm thinking someone had better make some homemade bread so we'll have something to spread the honey on!

...Oh, so sorry, I didn't mean to leave you out
...they have cows, also!

...and sheep!!
..These are either the world's largest sheep or the world's smallest cows!

And down by the creek, (not to be confused with the river or the fork of the river), I found this little guy...patiently waiting for lunch to swim by.

(Speaking of lunch...I'm getting hungry so I'm going to post and run! As I wrote earlier, I have more photos for later but today I need to get ready for Stacey's bridal shower at SonMarie's new house.)

I had so much fun yesterday...I could hardly sleep last night because I kept going over all the day's discoveries in my mind!

A Great Big Thank You and God Bless to
The Gentleman Farmer
Dr. M, PhD!



  1. I just love seeing all the animals!! Too cute...especially those piggy faces with character!

    What a fun post! Can't wait to see more!
    Love your zeal for life infectious!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. All those animals. What fun.

  3. Loved Loved Loved this post!! I'm really wishing I lived out "in the middle of nowhere" with all of those animals to chase around :) I would love to just sit on that front porch on the porch swing with a nice glass of lemonade and just watch the world go by... it seems so calm and relaxing with so many different things to see!!...what an adventure! Can't wait to see all the other pictures! xoxo

  4. My mouth is open in absolute amazement. Wowie Wow Wow....but now I know one thing for sure. I will never never get to be on Dr. Martha's team...what in the world can I contribute after all that. When I grow up, I want to be there!! That was a fabulous post with awesome pictures. Can't wait to see more...and I'm definitely planning a road trip with you!!!

  5. goodness, that was old macdonald's farm! so much
    fun to see so many animals!

    thank you!

  6. Looks like you are having way tooo much fun.
    Enjoy your visit.


  7. Looks like a wonderful place to visit!

  8. Oh I love this post! I was just transported to this lovely place...that porch, those fields, the lovely peacocks...all of it was a wonder... and you are wonderful to have shared it with us!

    Happy May Day!

  9. Oh, I love it! I am so envious of people who live on a farm. Have fun! Twyla

  10. Looks like fun! You took wonderful pictures.

  11. Oh my goodness... I. LOVE. YOUR. BLOG!

    {Don'tcha LOVE getting new people stopping by!}

    I so loved this post... I so LOVE farm animals and everything nature.

    Can we trade lives?

    Yeah yeah, I know... *sigh*

    I will be back to read more of your blog... and to keep up... and oh yes, I'm adding you to my faves list on my site!

    *waving from Newton*

  12. Hi there...I have enjoyed my first visit here tonight. I saw your comment at Pinecraft and hopped over. I see of couple of my bloggy buddies visited the farm as well! Becky is not only a bloggy buddy but sorta neighbor. I've recently moved from Michigan to Florida. ; ) What a fun post. I love the pic of the ducks where that pesky lil chicken stuck her head in.

    I love animals and grew up on a farm, but would have to linger on that wonderful porch! You dont find to many porches in my neck of the woods here in Florida.

    Oh, that horse is BEAUTIFUL. (I love horses)

  13. Oh, read the good night nurse bit, too cute. I say, "Well, heavens to Betsy."

  14. Wow, don't they just have it all going on there?! I'm lovin' it, and esp that front porch with the swing. I guess I could say no self-respecting farm house would be without a swing, so in that line of thought, I think we'd best be gettin' ourselves a swing. Soon!


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