Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some thoughts I've stolen from others and have been passing off as my own:

"Embrace your inner weird!"

"There's a skinny lady inside me, screaming to get out----I keep her sedated with chocolate!" 

"I'd give up chocolate but I'm no quitter!"

 So I've been a busy little homemaker...
... a picnic basket all packed up with shade loving plants!!
See the enamalware soap dish on the wall?  We got it in Missouri in a great little town called "Greenwood"...Love it!

 I finished the second in the Andes series, this one is called "The Peace de La Paz".  Translated that is "the peace of the peace".  Doc's hometown is La Paz, Bolivia.  This is my tribute to that city and to mount Illimani (the blue mountain behind the city).
This little guy lives right by my favorite outside seat!

Doc does enjoy a siesta!!!
I'm using this old fence as a climbing cage for my cukes!!  We adopted it last weekend along with the piece on table below.
A treasure found on our Memorial Day jaunt!!
I snapped this wheatfield through the car window
as we whizzed by at 65 mph!

Last night we went to the Rodeo!
Small town rodeos are standard fare around here.  We love them and try to go to as many as possible!!


It was hot...98 degrees at 6:30! 
I love this little guys boots!!
...all my little guys wore their boots last night, also!

So, other than trying to teach the pups some manners regarding how to greet guests, that just about sums up the last couple of days!  (The pups and I are exhausted from our new "Manners Program"!)

Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler...we'll see!!  

Here is some of my inner weird....sometimes when I see the countryside on a hot summer evening...I just want to cry...I don't know why...just part of the inner weird that I am learning to embrace!


  1. love your rodeo photos....

  2. Yeaaaaaaa for inner weird! I got me some of that! =)

    Love the rodeo photos! Yeeeeeeeeee-hawwwwww!

  3. WOW!!! Y'all have been on the go. Love the pics. I know next week end is a biggy for some of you and being the nosy blogger I am ;) I can't wait to see those pics! and hear all about it. Have a great week.


  4. I love your pictures in this post and in the last one. They tell some good stories, individually and all strung together. Great photojournalism!

  5. Great pictures--been busy huh?
    Love Greenwood, Mo been there lots of times.
    Have a super Sunday.
    Ken is on the mend too.


  6. Good Mornin'!
    I love your new heading! (I'm not sure if that's the correct word or not)and "The Peace de la Paz" is just beautiful! In fact, I just love this whole post!
    Have a blessed day,

  7. Wonderful pictures! It appears that you have been having lots of fun. I love the way it looks around your place, thank you for sharing in pictures. Hope you are getting some cooler weather. Good luck on the guest greeting manners, Chancy and I still have a way to go on that one. Hugs

  8. Your blog today is full of happy feelings. I like your inner weird..don't lose it. I have never been to a rodeo but I bet I would like it. Have a blessed day. Dee

  9. Fun, fun, fun!! You are such a lively spirited gal!! Just love all of your outdoor things and what you have done with them, your talented, and you captured the feel of the rodeo!! What a delightful post!
    Have a joyful week!!

  10. Inner weird, hm? I kinda like that idea...and I love your photos, as always. It sounds as if it's a great life you have out that way. :)

  11. Yup, my inner skinny lady is well sedated, too. HA! Most everyone else commented on your "inner weird". :D

    I like the colors of the wheat field. Beautiful. And your new header. Very nice.

    Sounds like you are enjoying spring. Phew In the 90's already? I am reminding myself, Summer is but for a season. Winter will be on its way again.

  12. What a fun way to spend the evening!! I love the photo of the wheatfield. I think there is so much beauty in Kansas.

  13. Inner weird is great!! Normal!!! I love those sayings, I have the 'I'd give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter' as a fridge magnet!!!
    Lovely photos, the little lad is gorgeous!!!

  14. Have a wonderful time tomorrow!!! Enjoy being with all your family at the wedding!!

  15. 98 degrees? I'd be indoors! But I love all your pictures!!! Beautiful!

  16. I love cowboys. Great pics! I love the picture of the wheatfield and the cowboys!! The rodeo looked like so much fun! I love cowboys. My favorite cowboy...the thirteenth picture down! Have I mentioned I love cowboys?! :)


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